The Village of Barovia

Tall shapes loom out of the dense fog that surround everything. The muddy ground underfoot gives way to slick, wet cobblestones. The tall shapes become recognizable as village dwellings. The windows of each house stare out from pools of blackness. No sound cuts the silence except for mournful sobbing that echoes through the streets from a distance.

The Village of Barovia is the saddest place in the land, its residents so terrified of Strahd that they rarely venture from their homes. The village lies in the shadow of Castle Ravenloft, buried under fog but still unable to hide from the vampire's sight. 

Points of Interest in the Village are:

[[Bildrath's Merchantile]]

Blood of the Vine Tavern

[[Mad Mary's Townhouse]]

[[Burgomaster's Mansion]]

Church and Cemetery

Haunted House

The Village of Barovia

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